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Geologica adds realistic and interesting geology to Minecraft, with the goal of enhancing the mining experience. It defines new types of rocks and minerals and relies on the Custom Ore Generator mod to place them in the world in a way that is totally configurable. Vanilla stone is completely replaced by the new types of rocks. Mineral deposits, including metal ores and industrial minerals, spawn in psuedo-realistic veins and clouds, accoding to the type of rock and, often, the biome.

Quick Start

For a quick and illustrative overview of the what Geologica adds to the world, check out the deposit page. To customize your experience, see the section on configuration, below.


Geologica adds:

  • 23 types of rock, each with corresponding stone, cobble, brick, stone/cobble/brick slab and cobble/brick wall blocks. Limestone, granite and marble also have cobble/brick stair blocks. Cobble blocks may be smelted to stone. Existing stone/cobble/brick recipes are automatically ore-dictified to support the new rock types,
  • 35 types of metal ore, found in various types of deposits, in stone, sand or clay form,
  • 25 types of industrial mineral in stone, sand or clay form,
  • Petroleum resources (4 gravities of oil, oil shale, natural gas)


There are two components to the configuration:

  • The rock and ore distributions are specified in a CustomOreGen configuration file.
  • The Geologica.cfg file contains the gameplay options.