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Geologica adds a large number of metal ores to the world. Typically, ores are primarily composed of a specific mineral. They are found in specific types of deposits, which might contain multiple types of ore. Depending on the type of ore, an ore might be manifested as stone, sand or clay. Like rock, each type of ore has a specific hardness value, which determines the mining level.  Geologica does not yet implement any ore processing steps. Instead, it registers the ores with the ore dictionary, with the expectation that other mods will provide the necessary recipes. Note that many of the metals are only metals in the chemical sense; applications may only rarely require their elemental, solid form. Geologica ores are not just for smelting to ingots.

Stone Ores

The great majority of the ores are found in stone form, and the required pickaxe level depends on the hardness of the ore: weak, medium or strong. Weak ores are minable with a wood pickaxe, medium ores require a stone pickaxe, and strong ores require an iron pickaxe.

Ore Metal Hard Deposits
Barite Ba Medium SEDEX, Carbonate, Carbonatite
Bastnasite RE Medium Carbonatite (5%)
Borax B Weak Lake Evaporite (15%)
Cassiterite Sn Strong Granite, Pegmatite (1.5%)
Celestine Sr Strong Marine Evaporite (5% in gypsum)
Chalcopyrite Cu Medium Granite, SEDEX, Skarn, VMS, Carbonatite (2.5%), Porphyry (20%), Sub-BIF Breccia (10%)
Chromite Cr Strong Layered Intrusion (in diorite), Diorite
Cinnabar Hg Weak Basalt (ocean)
Dolomite Mg Weak Carbonate
Galena Pb Weak Carbonate, SEDEX, Skarn, VMS
Garnierite Ni Medium Laterite (sub-limonite serpentine 50%)
Hematite Fe Strong BIF
Ilmenite Ti Strong Layered Intrusion (in diorite), Diorite
Lepidolite Li Medium Pegmatite (2.5%)
Magnesite Mg Medium Carbonate, Skarn, Serpentine (1%)
Magnetite Fe Strong Granite, Skarn
Molybdenite Mo Weak Porphyry (10%)
Pentlandite Ni Medium Layered Intrusion (in peridotite), Serpentine (0.5%)
Pollucite Cs Strong Pegmatite (0.1%)
Pyrolusite Mn Weak Sedimentary Bed (swamp, ocean)
Pyrite Fe Strong Minor component in sulfide ore deposits
Realgar As Weak Granite and Fumarole deposits
Rock Salt Na Weak Marine and lake evaporite
Scheelite W Medium SEDEX, Pegmatite (2%), Skarn
Sphalerite Zn Medium Carbonate, SEDEX, Skarn, VMS
Spodumene Li Strong Pegmatite (7%)
Stibnite Sb Weak Granite
Tantalite Ta Strong Pegmatite (2%)
Uraninite U Strong Uraninite, Carbonatite
Vanadium Magnetite Fe/V Strong Layered Intrusion (in peridotite), Carbonatite (2.5%)
Wolframite W Medium Pegmatite (1%)

Sand Ores

The sand ores are typically found in placer deposits on beaches and river banks. Best extracted with a shovel.

Ore Metal Location
Basaltic Mineral Sand Fe Beach
Cassiterite Sand Sn Beach, River
Granitic Mineral Sand Fe Beach, River

Clay Ores

Some minerals are typically found in clay form, suitable for extraction with a shovel. All clay metal ores are found as laterite deposits.

Mineral Metal Location
Bauxite Al Tropical
Yellow Limonite Fe Tropical, swamp
Brown Limonite Fe Tropical, swamp