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Per Fabrica Ad Astra ("Through crafting, to the stars") is a mod for the game of Minecraft that enhances the technical complexity and realism of Minecraft to enable more sophisticated modeling of the modern industrial economy, including mineral extraction, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. Eventually, gameplay will extend to worlds beyond Earth. Its broader aim is to help realize the potential of Minecraft in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. Since reality is often stranger and more interesting than fiction, many of the ideas are directly inspired by nature and actual science. Of course, gameplay takes precedence over realism, because if no one plays, no one learns. Community involvement is a prerequisite of this becoming a reality: contributions are welcome to this wiki, as well as to the development of the mod itself.


Per Fabrica Ad Astra will eventually consist of two major parts:

  • Modeling of scientific phenomena
  • Industrial engineering


There are three primary areas of scientific focus, each of which will have a corresponding mod:

  • Chemistry: Chemica, models chemicals and reactions, provides simple laboratory instruments, and a research mechanic.
  • Biology: Genetica, animal and crop breeding and genetics (may come to depend on Chemica).
  • Geology: Geologica, world generation of minerals, and (eventually) petroleum and wild plants.

The Geologica module will support both Chemica and Genetica by providing world generation of minerals (sources of chemicals) and wild plants (sources of genetic material).


The science mods permit small-scale, manual manipulation of chemicals and crops. The industrial component will extend this to a much larger and more automated scale, covering the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities (energy)
  • Trade (based on some sort of AI?)
  • Construction (materials and heavy machinery)

The first goal is to enable the chemical processing of minerals. The results of chemical processing will enter the manufacturing sector to yield useful products. 

End Game: Space Exploration

The ultimate stage would be exploring the generation of extra-terrestial worlds, including theorized classes of exo-planets.

Cousin Mods

There are a number of mods that effectively model scientific and industrial concepts and we should aim to integrate these with the PFAA experience.

  • Project Red (Integration): Electrical engineering, logic
  • Forestry: Farming, forestry, genetics
  • Railcraft: Transportation technology
  • OpenComputers: Software and computer engineering, logic, math
  • RotaryCraft: Realistic mechanical power generation and transfer. Has two extension mods:
    • ElectriCraft: Realistic electrical power conversion (from/to RotaryCraft)
    • ReactorCraft: Realistic reactor designs, including nuclear fission

Latest activity

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